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MEP Contracting Services

HAPCO designs, installs, maintains, and repairs heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, HVAC ductwork, firefighting systems, and HVAC controls, including intelligent controls, central heating controls, air conditioning controls, pressure ventilation controls, HVAC zone controls and HVAC noise controls. HAPCO also installs industrial-grade chillers, boilers, and other mechanical systems.

It’s also specialized in Laboratory Control Systems, Medical Gas Systems, Air
compressors and Vacuum Pump Systems, as well as the installation, integration, maintenance, and commissioning of Building Management Systems (BMS) that controls the temperature, ventilation, lighting, power, fire, and security systems of a building.

HAPCO is a leading contractor in designing and executing Plumbing networks for water, sewage, and wastewater treatment, including plumbing fixtures, plumbing equipment, and pipes.

HAPCO installs and maintains electrical distribution systems (LV & HV), various E/M equipment and lighting; security systems and closed-circuit television systems (CCTV); and information technology or IT systems. We connect cables to circuit breakers, transformers, outlets and other electrical components. We also use specialized tools and testing equipment to test special devices, the wiring and cabling in buildings, centers, hospitals, and other residential and commercial facilities.

HAPCO uses low-voltage wiring to connect telephones, computers, security systems and fire alarms, VESDA detection systems, as well as high voltage wiring for power generation and power transmission facilities such as electrical substations. In certain commercial sites, we install coaxial or fiber optic cables for electronic controls and telecommunications equipment.

Civil Construction Works

HAPCO’s newly established Civil Construction Department offers a broad scope of construction services for industrial, commercial and residential projects. HAPCO has entered the field of civil construction capitalizing on its ongoing successful experience in the MEP construction industry. Its civil construction service is rendered under the guidance of experienced architects and civil engineers with the help of the latest tools and technology.

We address a wide variety of construction projects targeting key clientele with whom we share the commitment of high standards and integrity. Backed with a qualified team of engineers and specialties we are well positioned and prepared to handle all phases of construction from design and management to turn key construction. Our services are well defined as such:

Pre-Design Design Construction & Post-Construction
Develop construction management plans & procedures Develop preliminary and final design along with estimates and schedules Perform all construction requirements on and off site
Develop conceptual design & budgets Perform value engineering studies Perform systems start up and commissioning
Develop team structure for all projects Perform construction reviews and shop drawings Prepare operations, maintenance documents, and cost control analysis

Since the establishment of our Civil Department in 2012 we have mainly focused on the civil construction work at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) under the management of KAUST Construction Department and Saudi Aramco Project Management Teams.

The department has concluded few laboratories retrofits that included civil and architectural construction. Civil department has also handed over the construction of three buildings as well as renovation of two others within the University for a project called Marine and Oceanic Research Center. HAPCO Civil Department performed this project as the main contractor responsible for a turnkey handover that includes piles, sheet piles, foundation, structural, architectural finishes and MEP work.